Monday, May 11, 2009

It's home at last!!!

My Quilting Arts calendar quilt has finally turned up, yay!!! It was posted from Massachusetts in November last year, and initially I thought it had been held up in Christmas mail; then ... maybe it had gone by sea instead of air ... but time was dragging on and I was beginning to think I'd never see it again (sob).

Bed Means Home is home!

Then last week I had a call from the person who bought our house. She had some mail for us, despite several $$$ being paid to Australia Post for 12 months re-direction (grr!). Anyway, she'd misplaced my contact details and had put the parcel in a drawer just after Christmas and FORGOTTEN about it, as you do! Meanwhile, I'm over here less than 1 km away, having a breakdown at regular intervals - not knowing where it could possibly be.

Well, this is the abridged version of the story ... but I'm just so happy it's *home* where it belongs - at last.

And sorry Australia Post - I humbly eat my words!