Monday, November 26, 2012

to blog or not ...
Blogger has decided that I can't upload any pics, due to some problem with space. It seems I have to buy extra space. Hmmm, not happy. Will see what I can do. Back soon ...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

brian cox
Oh, I can just about feel a PhD in physics and science coming on!!!

Isn't he too hot for words, hehe???

Thursday, November 1, 2012

UFO day
Today our textiles group swapped UFOs! We each chose one UFO from our cupboard and wrapped it in newspaper, to remain anonymous. As if. I brought an extra parcel for one strange person who didn't own a UFO ;-)))

Before opening the parcels we played a very simple swap game (that still managed to confuse us, LOL) and after lots of laughs and hysteria, unwrapped a new UFO to keep! You would have to ask why ...

In return I got the layered and stitched piece, below.


showing 3 layers and backing folded over

I was so happy with this and already have 'plans'.

We have about 6 weeks to finish the new UFO for unveiling by Christmas lunch day in December.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

new hexagons
On Friday I ordered two more packs of pre-cut hexagons for paper piecing (and why would you cut your own???), from The Quilt Fairy in Midland, WA. Judy is so efficient - they arrived yesterday. What brilliant service!

finished 2" hexagons

Here are the ones I've finished. A little way to go ;-))) but I'm stopping at 500 hexagons which will give me a top about 72 inches square. I will probably applique the edges to a border ... or maybe I'll get some filler shapes to square it off. Not sure yet ...

Tangled Up in Blue
This week I've been working on another Stash Cupboard Quilt. I needed a no-brainer after the exhaustion of Beneath the Southern Sky exhibition quilt!!! Most of these fabrics have been in the cupboard for at least 10-15 years. 

The top is loosely based on Gee's Bend style - wrong fabrics and proportions, but I love the effect. The name comes from a Bob Dylan song, also performed by The Whitlams. Love it!

auditioning blues

and yellows/mustard

I just have to add some extra borders around the outside to bring it up to a useable size. It was a bit tricky getting similar, slightly muddy shades because most fabrics around now are much brighter. I found two muddyish pieces and one slightly brighter, but I think it will work OK.

coming together

Once again, I have pieced the top into 3 panels so I can quilt it myself. More soon!