Thursday, November 1, 2012

UFO day
Today our textiles group swapped UFOs! We each chose one UFO from our cupboard and wrapped it in newspaper, to remain anonymous. As if. I brought an extra parcel for one strange person who didn't own a UFO ;-)))

Before opening the parcels we played a very simple swap game (that still managed to confuse us, LOL) and after lots of laughs and hysteria, unwrapped a new UFO to keep! You would have to ask why ...

In return I got the layered and stitched piece, below.


showing 3 layers and backing folded over

I was so happy with this and already have 'plans'.

We have about 6 weeks to finish the new UFO for unveiling by Christmas lunch day in December.

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SooDarwin said...

What a fun idea...look forward to seeing the end result :)