Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ooops, it's happened again
How time flies!

I have been doing a little bit of creative textiles work over the last few weeks (sorry, no photos) ... but mostly I've been involved with preparation for major house renovations.

So here is a little catch-up since April.

India Flint
Bunbury artists were honoured to welcome India Flint in April for a workshop, and I was lucky enough to attend her talk and demonstration at the end of her stay.

India's trusty old battered dye pot (below, right) travels the world with her and was used to create the sample pieces, which were freshly unravelled and still wet at the end of the talk. Wish I'd taken a close-up pic of its yummy, rich, slurpy contents!

India Flint, and her trusty travelled dye pot

India's book, Eco Colour

 felted and hand stitched samples

All the flowers, leaves and bark pieces used in the sample below were collected from within 50 m over the road from the venue before her talk and demo! There are no harmful chemical additives - the natural colours vary depending on the type and age of the leaves and there can be a huge range, just from one tree.

sample pieces dyed from leaves
found over the road!

India's work is so inspiring - I literally wanted to go home and throw out all my dyed work using commercial products (but I didn't. Yet.) 

She also signed my book. I'm such a groupie ...

misty day in Bridgetown
On a grand day out with some gal friends in Bridgetown last week, I found a large old cupboard - with enough shelves and drawers to house a sizeable amount of my textiles stash. What a find! 

So, Himself (wonderful as he is) agreed to take me back with the trailer on the weekend. All measured, sizes checked and everything will fit, yay! After it was loaded, we warmed our 'sitting bones' ;-))) by the open fire and warmed our tummies with hot soup at a nearby cafĂ©.

Here are some pics of the misty views along the way.

fruit trees near Mullalyup

eucalypts and mist

sheds at Balingup

Stay tuned for some progress on the cupboard restoration.

tea cosy
The beginnings of a tea cosy to be gifted to my friend Fiona. It was such fun to stitch and play ... the pieces were hand or machine stitched in place. Then I forgot to take a pic when it was finished. Now I'm inspired to make some more!

playing with layers

playing with stitch

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