Saturday, August 3, 2013

teacosy finished
and un-gifted back to me for pics! I'm happy with it, although the shape has turned out to be a bit weird ;-)))

Davida's 'scraps' of felted pieces became my beautiful leaves, stitched on by hand and machine.

one side ...

inside, lined with two lengths of gorgeous sari silk
Next time I'll insert a gusset(?) thingy at both the spout and handle ends and it should sit a bit more politely?

... looks a bit like it's been caught
in a strong sea breeze!

layers of hand dyed felt, topped with
stitch and dyed gauze and
hand dyed felted fabric pieces on top

... the other side
Thank you to my new followers. I do appreciate you being here xo.

Have a great weekend everyone - we're planning to head out somewhere interesting for lunch!


SooDarwin said...

I think it rather 'cossack' looking and very smart too...

Cait said...

Haha - thank you Soo. Fun but definitely a prototype in need of further refinement!