Thursday, September 19, 2013

stitchery progressing
This version on cotton is almost ready to start adding the detail foreground flowers and grasses. I can't believe how much it's 'shrunk' ... but I didn't use a hoop, so it's to be expected. Next time I'll use a much stronger backing - will try canvas - that should hold it tighter! Haven't started the silk one yet.

all-over stitching
building up stitch colour in foreground
[click to enlarge]

thermofax workshop
Last month Linda Stokes came to Bunbury for a workshop at our arts centre. Lots of fun and experimenting with this method, similar to silkscreening, but using a more economical/less permanent screen.

I scanned my beautiful jacaranda leaves and sent the pic to Linda, so she was able to bring this screen on the day! Very happy with the results.

jacaranda print on thermofax screen

background fabric was discharge dyed first,
then overprinted with jacaranda
and discharged with blobby stripes
repeating this A4 size design of Linda's 
creates a 'cityscape'

two foliage designs printed on white cotton

these ovals discharged onto batik didn't give the results
I expected, but they look 3D here!

gold circles overprinted with
jacaranda leaf

annual retreat
Once again our quilty retreat at Augusta was full of laughs, too much food and even a bit of sewing this year!

Our challenge from last year was to make one of two awful pieces of fabric (IMHO) into 'something'. Here are the results - we're soooo creative and talented!

our finished challenge pieces showing the two
fabrics (pumpkin and Jacobean style)

Jo's corded bowl and Mary's cushion top
Helen's linen tea towels
(the overall unanimous winner!)
my discharge dyed Jacobean fabric.
I was desperate to kill it, LOL!

Mandy's door stop

Meanwhile, it's back to reality and major renovations. Yup, off to the B-word chain hardware for door quotes!