Sunday, October 13, 2013

happy birthday Helen

A casserole holder ...

 made from two tea towels
with folded tea towel apron inside ...


All wrapped in yet another one. I just love tea towels, especially when they have nothing to do with dishes, LOL.

fun sewing

Last week I made some jama pants for himself out of this fabric. He doesn't actually sleep in them ;-)))

This is to keep me sane while the renos progress. We're living in a building site, condensed down to three rooms - but it will be worth it.

Has anyone else managed some fun sewing lately?

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SooDarwin said...

Love the fabric...

Heart Felt said...

Hello Cait, love looking in to your blog and seeing what you and the textile ladies are up to back in Bunbury. Really enjoying your creations - the tea cosy is fab. Must get myself actioning some sewing stuff. Jacqui

Cait said...

Lovely to hear from you Miss Jacqui! I can't claim to be very productive at textiles group, but I manage to get a few things done at home - garden, painting, baking, haha! hugs