Wednesday, January 22, 2014

love love
Look what I found, yay! This gorgeous new old chair will live next to the (soon-to-be-installed) kitchen bench, so a visiting friend can rest her (or his) weary bones, while I make tea and we chat ;-)))

playing with stitch
I'm working on a project to submit for LIVING COLOUR! exhibition. Here's a snippet of how it's going ... nearly up to the hand stitching and quilting steps, which I love.

If it's selected, we will go to Melbourne to see it at AQC. If it's not, we'll go to Melbourne and see the others, LOL!!!

foreground about to be hand stitched ...

some squiggly clouds and sky
I hope you're working on something exciting right now too!
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ms lottie said...

I got mine finished and entered, now to wait and see. LOVE your yellow chair too!

Cait said...

Thank yew! and great to hear you've entered LC ... fingers and toes crossed for both of us - only 1 more sleep(?) to find out! cheers

Heart Felt said...

Hi Cait, hope all is all well with you. Thought I might have seen you at SSAC morning tea this morning but was lovely seeing Margaret and Dot and many others there. Wish I was sitting at your stool chatting in your kitchen- I love your work, but back to tas at the end of the week. Keep postying every now and then - I like to look in and see what you are up to.

Cait said...

So good to hear from you Miss Heart Felt and very sorry I missed you. Guess you heard I've gone AWOL from the group this year. Stay in touch! hugs