Sunday, February 9, 2014

some detail pics
If you are a member of Australia New Zealand Art Quilters online group, go to the Living Colour Entries album to see members' entries that didn't make selection in the exhibition (previous post). 

balloon detail

basket with metallic bunting tips
and stitch detail in sky

bon voyage!

sky and sunrise

There will also be an exhibition of entries that missed selection, entitled 'Le Salon des Refuses' at BERRY PATCHWORK, Berry, NSW on 30-31 August 2014.

It seems I named my quilt in anticipation of this French connection, LOL!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Living Colour!
My piece wasn't accepted for exhibition :-((( but Himself is happy, because he wants it on his office wall.

There were 177 entries received and only 32 selected for exhibition, so it must have been very difficult to choose. I can't wait to see them.

This project was fun to work on and I learnt heaps - it can only be beneficial for future challenges!

C'est la belle vie!
[This is the life!]
40 cm x 95 cm
Artist statement
The colour and majesty of early morning hot air balloons
evoke a conflicting sense of excitement, adventure
and tranquillity.
Imagine being so immersed in the freedom of the wind,
with birds' eye views of the changing shapes and hues
of the landscape!
Although the Chinese created paper sky lanterns in the
third century BC for military signalling, it was
the French who achieved lift-off in the first manned
hot air balloon in France in 1783.
I love the whimsy and romance of these beautiful vehicles
full of life, fun and recreation.
Hand dyed background cotton sky fabric, stitched over
tear-away; appliqued commercial cotton batiks; machine and
hand thread stitching and embroidery with cotton, silk and
rayon threads; machine and hand quilting.
Here is a list of the exhibition venues LIVING COLOUR! TRAVELLING EXHIBITION

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