Sunday, September 28, 2014

paintings and an old quilt
Himself is having an office re-vamp and I offered to make him a new wall quilt (eventually), but on Friday he brought home the old quilt and two paintings I'd done 8 years ago, which meant his walls are bare!

Well, I might be good but I'm not good enough to whip up two paintings AND a new quilt in one weekend!

So I started with a couple of simple paintings. They were both based around beach glass, shells and ephemera we find when walking on the nearby beach, which I love. I added some paper, card, fabric and paint. After painting the canvases, the pieces had to be stitched to the backgrounds and glued on.


beach glass and driftwood
(that's a tiny piece of glass on the distant horizon!)


I'm not a painter (in case you hadn't guessed, LOL) but I'm happy with these and Himself really likes them. They'll certainly brighten his office, along with ...

Matching Tie & Handkerchief (thank you Monty Python)
This quilt was made for a small group challenge in 2006 from a Stargazey pattern by JAN MULLEN.

We had to cut the arms, fronts and backs off men's shirts and swap/select them unseen at random from a bag. Consequently, some of the fabrics aren't exactly my choice! But we also had to use some of all the samples and it was an added challenge to make it work.

I really enjoyed incorporating collars, cuffs, pockets and button hole facings in unexpected places.

Matching Tie & Handkerchief quilt
[click to enlarge]


incorporating a cuff with button

I couldn't do much quilting - it was so bumpy and uneven with soft/worn and firm fabrics and several layers in some places - it would have created too many ripples and puckers.

This will (certainly!) brighten another wall until I can make a new quilt for him.

I hope you have had fun being creative this weekend too.



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