Sunday, November 23, 2014

mixed media with paint and print
I'm attending a workshop with local artist CHRIS SKEGGS over 3 half days. On day 1 we tore and glued paper napkins, music, newsprint and pictures at random then glued them to a watercolour paper background.

After that, we drew our image on the back and laid it face down over an inked glass, then gently traced around the image.

Here's what I have done so far.

inspiration pic

glued, printed and painted

The 'inspiration' piece was from something I found on Pinterest (favourite escape place!). There's a little more work to do in the rock shapes yet - I'll be adding some blue/grey to give them more dimension - and Chris may suggest extra work ...

Happy with my interpretation and it's only the test piece on A4 size. The next step is to transfer it to a larger canvas, but I might try something else. Much as I love it!

I hope you have been doing something creative too!

Thanks for visiting.


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