Saturday, December 20, 2014

more painting
This one is on A3 size cartridge paper. Again, it's layers of paint and torn paper table napkins, stencils and brush work. I love the teacups and pots and tried to continue the theme with lettering.

The centre leaf arrangement doesn't really work as a focal point ... so this piece may be broken up to become a series of gift cards ;-))) But it's been fun getting here and nothing is ever a waste of time, even if it doesn't work out as planned.

Or in this case, not planned.

Therein could lie the problem, lol!


The piece below is the final sheet taken from leftover paint on the glass. I really like the depth of layers in this one and I think it has potential to become 'something' ...

Thanks for visiting!

Have a healthy and productive Christmas and new year.


Friday, December 19, 2014

sun printed postcards sent
Our theme/technique for Australia NZ art quilters' last fabric postcard swap for the year was sun printing.

Here are mine, finally posted (very late) today, ooops! Sorry everyone - but you should get them in time for Christmas ;-)))  Fabrics are cotton or iron-on interfacing, for texture.

I used some Procion dye in a large jar, left over from another project. A variety of leaves, stems and flowers from the garden create the sun printing shapes, although I had some trouble keeping them on the fabric - they kept blowing off, despite being weighed down with pegs and small rocks. The circular stencil worked quite well. I managed to get 2 postcards out of it, so that was a bonus!

I didn't realise how monochromatic mine were until comparing with the ones I received (below). Hmmm, point taken for next time ...

blobby geraniums, stems and petals

stencil top and bottom, with bamboo leaves and
a stem from a shrub (NZ Christmas tree?)
in the centre

sun printed postcards received
The first one to arrive from Wilma is dyed with liquid radiants, salt and shapes to create the sun print. The flower is coloured with crayons.

Jenni S's background fabric was sun printed using metal washers and buttons - flowers and leaves were coloured using Inktense watercolour pencils.

Wilma's sunprint postcard (top)
Jenni's postcard (bottom)

Ann H's arrived next, using solarfast dyes and a stencil. I still haven't worked out exactly how you did this Ann (squinty eyes here) ...!

Ann H's postcard (top)
Evie H's postcard (bottom)

And today my final postcard arrived from Evie H in New Zealand. Evie has stitched the metal circle shapes on top to echo the sun print design - very clever!

I also received a surprise 'extra' from my friend Ann B in NSW - great design idea and also very clever!

 Thank you everyone - I've really enjoyed this swap (now that it's over, lol)!