Friday, August 29, 2014

gelli printing
It's great to be here again after such a lapse in time :-D

Here is my first attempt at gelli printing for a postcard challenge in my online AusNZArtQuilters group.

Click on them to enlarge for more detail.

This one (above) on silk with comb,
bubble wrap and found bird feathers
 as templates

White Paddington cotton, combed paint,
overlaid with grey and black

Cotton - the feathers are less obvious than
in the silk (top). Also stamped with
 antique Indian flower stamp

Cotton with white paint underneath -  
muddier brown than it shows here.
Text stamp, which came up backwards of course!
The black circles were randomly painted
 onto gelli plate before final stamping.
Sections of these prints will be selected to enhance with more paint/stencils (maybe), foils and lots of hand/machine stitch, before making into 6 x 4 inch postcards.

Stay tuned for progress!

Thanks for visiting.