Saturday, November 29, 2014

finished and started
Here is my first finished piece on paper. I added a dash of blueish mauve to give the stone shapes some depth.

I think it's finished, but sometimes it's hard to tell. You only know when you've done too much, lol! So I'll just let it rest for now.

This week I started on canvas with an inspirational pic from a book - will add the pic and book/artist details when I get them.

It's progressing well. To start, I used different paper tissue napkins and a piece of old music sheet to create some background texture. 

 The layers are coming up, but I need to paint out the foliage a bit more.

 It's coming along OK ...

I need to knock back some of the dark ocean around the lower section - perhaps with some swirly stencilling or something, in a lighter shade, hmmm ...

Also have to straighten the horizon and tweak a few bits at the bottom ... but I'm very happy with it so far. It's nearly there :-D

some jam
Made last week for family, tomorrow. It's yum if I do say so myself.

strawberry jam

Too much creativity is never enough!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

mixed media with paint and print
I'm attending a workshop with local artist CHRIS SKEGGS over 3 half days. On day 1 we tore and glued paper napkins, music, newsprint and pictures at random then glued them to a watercolour paper background.

After that, we drew our image on the back and laid it face down over an inked glass, then gently traced around the image.

Here's what I have done so far.

inspiration pic

glued, printed and painted

The 'inspiration' piece was from something I found on Pinterest (favourite escape place!). There's a little more work to do in the rock shapes yet - I'll be adding some blue/grey to give them more dimension - and Chris may suggest extra work ...

Happy with my interpretation and it's only the test piece on A4 size. The next step is to transfer it to a larger canvas, but I might try something else. Much as I love it!

I hope you have been doing something creative too!

Thanks for visiting.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

wishing well
We went to a beautiful beachside wedding on the weekend and gave a wishing well gift, so I made this envelope to put the $$ in, with the card. I love the appropriate wedding headline that was unearthed in an old magazine, found when auditioning papers and fabrics!

And another birthday teacosy for a friend. It turns out I had given her a teapot a couple of years ago and when she opened the parcel with the cosy in it, she told me she'd since lost the teapot! I did wonder how you can 'lose' a teapot, but you've got to laugh.

with shells from the beach
and beads in her colours

Monday, November 10, 2014

Alison Holt workshop
Many months ago I booked to attend this 2-day workshop in Margaret River. I don't claim to be much of a machine embroiderer and almost baled a couple of times thinking it wasn't for me ... but so glad I didn't.

Great venue, good light and fresh air, lunch supplied and a whole work table to ourselves. Alison is an excellent teacher and it was worth doing, just for the tips!

My inspirational pic - it was quite dark and bright
so I had to tone it down somewhat

I started stitching in the left bottom corner.
Very happy with this.

There's clearly an art to photographing silk
and I have yet to learn it, lol!

Getting there ...

Framed by L cards to crop.
Still more to do - and flowers to come yet,
in the foreground ...

I didn't get shots of everyone's work unfortunately - there were 16 of us. Click on the pic below (or any of them) to enlarge and see more detail.

Alison has very generously put our work up on her website under Student's Work ... go HERE to see more under Landscapes: A Picture.

You can also have a look at other workshops and Alison's beautiful work on her home page and gallery pages.

It's so nice to be creating again ;-)))