Saturday, June 20, 2015

art auction
I've just finished this small mixed media
and acrylics painting on 9 x 5 inch board,
created for the Art Partners art auction
later next month.

 Tulips 9 x 5"
(inspired by Emma Davis' Stripy Vase)

Finished artworks will be auctioned to support the
Art Partners mentorship program. Art Partners match
protégés (people with disability) with mentors and
together they participate in mainstream
art classes and activities.
The money will be used for resources
to develop their program.
This legacy began in 1889 when several artists
 of the Heidelberg School held a 9 x 5 Impressionist Exhibition
 in the Melbourne Town Hall.
Most of the works were painted on 9 x 5 inch
 cigar box panels scrounged from
 the local tobacconists!
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Thanks for visiting - hope you're enjoying 
the weekend!