Monday, September 7, 2015

new things

We're recently back from a few days in Esperance, way down in the great southern region of WA. Lots of driving and lots of canola fields ...


and a funny road mail box - celebrating a wedding and new home???
One of the dozen or so wind mills(?) from the wind farm.
Not as 'ugly' as our strange and erratic PM seems to think, IMHO ...
 Lots of water gorgeousness ... and a dangerous spot in the Cape Le Grand National Park ...

 The beautiful whale sculpture on the foreshore, near the port ...

close up - the glass mosaic work is magnificent
(click to enlarge)

I love an old stone building ...
with adjoining shearing shed


While we were in Esperance, Himself asked me to knit him a new colourful scarf, so we chose the colours together.


I started a diptych a few weeks ago, but it's not going too well. I needed to get my head around something new (again, lol), so I started a new painting.

The pic below is the inspiration for my painting at the bottom. It's only the first pass - lots more layers and detail to come yet, but happy with it so far : )

the first layers for Earth Colours 

The strange thing about painting is, the more I learn, the worse I seem to be doing! How weird is that??? Or maybe my perception of my work has changed with discovery of new skills. It's all a bit confusing ...

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