Friday, April 8, 2016

AQC Pawtrait Challenge

This small mixed media quilt was fun to make for the challenge at this year's Australasian Quilt Convention! I had a pic of Dusty, our beautiful (rescue) Tonkinese - so he was the inspiration.

He loves to drape over his favourite green cushion on the spare bed and sneaks in there when he thinks I'm not looking. His tail is tucked under the cushion, but if I'd tried to move it he would have stood up - and the moment would be lost.

I printed the pic onto fabric - added the batik fabric at the bottom and light card behind him - with paper music glued and stitched on top. I've used acrylic paint to highlight his eyes and fur.

He's always purring and most of my quilts have a song title, so this one is called One Purrrfect Day ...

10 " x 10"

With this quilt and the one below - I'm very excited to have two pieces in different challenges at the AQC this year! Pity I can't get over to Melbourne to see them ... definitely next year.

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